Spot wholesale - fair straightforward transparent

Power at
wholesale prices

Utilise spot wholesale delivers electricity at prices straight from the wholesale market using innovative smart meter technology, powerful pricing software and fixed retail costs.

Fair Pricing

Our power supply comes straight from the wholesale market at wholesale prices, delivered to your meter.


The Utilise online portal and bill are easily accessible with a clear break down of individual billing components, including our fees.


Third party costs including network charges, metering costs and EA levy are passed on without a markup.


Every power retailer buys from the ‘spot’ or wholesale market. Pricing is driven by demand and supply in real time, so it is dynamic; changing depending on the place and time. Check out Market Spot Prices in real time at 


Based on data available at



This graph shows New Zealand’s average monthly spot prices for the last five years. Customers supplied in this way would have saved up to 15%*.

These prices have decreased because New Zealand now has a higher proportion of lower cost  renewable energy, more efficient power usage by consumers, and favourable climate conditions. Even though Spot Pricing fluctuates, it has provided overall savings in the medium term. 

* Savings extrapolated from MBIE research on residential customers compared to spot supply from 2012 to 2016. Past savings are not a predictor of future savings and prices may rise according to the spot market.

Whats on your bill


The costs of supplying you in this way include:

1.    The cost of energy which is your metered volume multiplied by the wholesale price at your meter (spot price adjusted for the costs of delivering it to your meter)

2.    The cost we pay to your network company to provide the lines that carry the energy. This is a regulated cost and applies to everybody without discrimination. Also included is the cost of the Transpower grid to get the energy to your region. These are all passed through at cost.

3.    The cost of metering to measure your consumption, including any costs of equipment at your point of connection. These costs are all passed through at cost from third-party providers.

4.    The costs to manage your supply. These are costs paid to Utilise for reading meters, reconciling and buying from the wholesale market, billing and customer service. These costs are all charged to you at a fixed rate.

Please see our Special Conditions for Spot Wholesale here.