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Who we are

We're a progressive group of energy and solar specialists who have created Utilise to deliver lower cost cleaner energy for New Zealand businesses.

Our customers receive customised solar solutions developed around their business's electricity consumption, through the day, the week and the season.

The Utilise edge combines of the use of solar technology with independent electricity market knowhow and a lean business approach. This means we can pass through the best possible energy price to you.

The Utilise team has considerable experience as business owners and operators in sales, service, solar and other renewable energy generation and trading. Utilise us to provide your clean energy, at lower costs than what you pay from the grid.

Where it all began

Here at Utilise we recognised that many New Zealand businesses want to reduce their emission footprint without it being a burden on their costs, so we decided to provide a solar technology solution these businesses needed to achieve their goals.

Quite simply we believe that finding ways to enable our customers to move to cleaner energy and obtain cost savings without a capital outlay, is the right thing to do.


Utilise Limited is a New Zealand company brought to you by the combined experience of solar and electricity experts with a deep background in electricity retail, generation and distribution, and SolarKing, which has over 2,000 solar installations nationwide. With a combined experience of more than 30 years, spanning every sector of the electricity industry, the team at Utilise bring technical, pricing, energy trading and deep industry expertise to the partnership.

Key People

Simon Young

Executive Director

Simon has wide experience across the electricity industry. He has expertise in electricity pricing, innovation, and building businesses that shine for their customers.

Simon has more than 20 years experience in the New Zealand electricity industry where he has worked throughout the value chain, from start-up to sale, from lines to generation and retail.

Roy Maddox




Roy has wide experience across the solar industry. He has expertise in solar technology, innovation, and building businesses that shine for their customers.

Roy has more than 10 years experience in the New Zealand solar industry, primarily as founder and Managing Director of SolarKing, where he has worked on installing over 2,000 solar systems nationwide.