Our story


Who we are

We're a progressive group of energy and utility specialists who have created Utilise to deliver sharper electricity pricing for New Zealand businesses.

Our customers receive customised pricing developed around their business's electricity consumption, through the day, the week and the season.

The Utilise edge combines of the use of smart meter technology, proprietary pricing software and a lean business approach. This means we can pass through the best possible energy price to you.

The Utilise team has considerable experience as business owners and operators in sales, service, energy generation and trading. Utilise us to provide your energy, billing and customer service.

Where it all began

Here at Utilise we recognised that many New Zealand businesses were paying more than they should for their electricity, so we decided to provide the technology and service solution these businesses needed to drive down their electricity costs. By providing the latest technology and tools to measure electricity consumption, businesses benefit from variable electricity pricing and using power when it’s at its cheapest.

Quite simply we believe you should pay for what you use and no more. 


Utilise is brought to you by the electricity experts at Opunake Hydro Limited (OHL). OHL is a vertically integrated electricity generator and retailer, with a hydro asset drawing from the Waiaua River via Lake Opunake and gas fired generators located in Taranaki. With a combined experience of more than 20 years, spanning every sector of the electricity industry, the team at OHL bring technical, pricing, energy trading and deep industry expertise to the partnership.


Simon Young

Executive Director

Simon is the business architect of Utilise.  He formulated the business strategy and saw the opportunity to give businesses better value price and service for their power by using smart metering technology.  He has designed the pricing strategies and wholesale hedging mechanisms for Utilise customers.

Simon has more than 15 years experience in the New Zealand electricity industry where he has worked throughout the value chain, from start-up to sale, from lines to generation and retail.