A team who understands New Zealand businesses


We’re business people too. We understand how electricity and environmental costs should be managed, and not at the expense of your business. Our services are designed to give people comfort they are managing costs as well as doing the right thing for the environment.



We understand how businesses in different sectors use power and we understand the desire to keep emissions from businesses as low as possible.

We’re contactable through webchat, phone, email and through our website.


Easy and simple processes

We understand business people can be run off their feet. Sometimes you just need to get quick answers and move on. We design and install solar systems specific to your needs. We take you through the process at your speed, using all our experience in solar power and electricity markets.





Contact our team to let us know if you're interested in solar power at your place - we're here to help



Our edge
is in how
we deliver

We're only for BUSINESS which means
that our pricing and customer service is
specifically designed with NZ businesses in mind.

We've built a SMART way to lower
your costs while using cleaner energy.

It's the SERVICE that counts. Our customers
have access to our services, in person.

Our ATTITUDE is about being down to earth. We're
 not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in for
our customers. We would love to talk with you to
see whether Utilise can help to reduce your
power costs and give you better value. 


Talk with our customer service team who are based in Auckland 
and trained to understand how business customers work. If that doesn’t work 
for you, use our online services!



We are not affiliated with any retailer so do not have conflicts with delivery of your balance of power. In fact we are happy to help you secure the best deals possible for that supply from across the full market.