No power? 

We will give you at least four days’ notice of any planned outage except where urgent work is required and then we will give you as much notice as possible. If you have no power unexpectedly it could be due to a localised fault or a widespread outage in your area. Sudden and unexpected loss of power can have many causes including extreme weather. Where there are lines down or a potentially hazardous or dangerous situation please contact your lines company immediately. For your safety please treat all electrical lines or wires as live and therefore a threat to your life, at all times. 

Who should I call? 

Please contact your lines company to log a fault, if you do not know who your lines company is please call us on 0800 UTILISE (88 45 47) and press 2 for faults. 

Auckland (All areas)

0508 VECTOR (83 28 67)


09 430 1800

Top Energy

09 401 5440

WEL Networks

0800 80 09 35

The Lines Company

0800 36 73 28


0800 769 372

Counties Power

0800 10 02 02

Westfield Trust 

0800 49 00 04

Waipa Networks 

07 872 0745

Horizon Networks 


Eastland Network 

06-869 0700

Unison Networks 

0800 2 UNISON

Centralines Ltd

06-858 7770


0800 80 80 39


0800 353 2872

Wellington Electricity

0800 248 148

Nelson Electricity

03 546 9256

Network Tasman

03-989 3600

Marlborough Lines

03 577 7007

Buller Electricity

03 788 8171


0508 60 70 80


0800 768 241


0800 363 9898

Electricity Ashburton

0800 430 460 

Alpine Energy

0800 66 11 77

Aurora Energy

0800 22 00 05

OtagoNet &

The Power Company &

Electricity Invercargill

0800 808 587


Where do I get information on known outages? 

Visit your lines company website for more information about outages.

No power and medically dependent?  

If you or someone at your premises is medically dependent and the premises has experienced a loss of power use your backup generator or battery if you have one. If you don’t you can contact a family member or friend who has power, or if these options are not available to you please go to your nearest hospital. Please also contact us as soon as possible.

Be prepared! 

You could lose power at any time due to unforeseeable events and extreme weather. Here at Utilise we want you to be prepared and recommend you take steps to ensure you have a plan in place. A good place to start is to ensure you have a business continuity plan tailored to your needs. 

Also remember the basics:

Disconnect all sensitive electrical equipment such as computers 
Be careful around sockets if pulling plugs out, treat all power outlets as live 
Minimise opening and shutting any refrigeration equipment such as chillers and freezers
Turn off all hazardous appliances such as power tools and machinery

Please see clause 7 of our Standard Terms and Conditions to read more about electricity outages.