Key principles behind our pricing


Prices are lower than grid

Utilise delivers electricity at prices that are be less than supply from the grid. We guarantee this pricing through a Power purchase Agreement or PPA.

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Prices are reset to ensure savings continue

Utilise typically sets prices in 5 year terms. At the end of each term we reset prices based on your grid supply price to ensure your savings continue. We limit price changes to 10% so neither of us gets bill shock.

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Customers maintain an option to purchase the system

Utilise offers customers, or their landlord, the option to purchase the system after two pricing terms. The purchase price is based on the original cost depreciated at an agreed rate.  

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Utilise Pricing

Initial term pricing

Under the terms of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) power costs are set at the beginning of each term (5 years) at a rate that is lower than the current energy cost. This provides significant energy savings over the term of the agreement..  

Subsequent pricing

At the end of the first 5 year term Utilise will lock in your power price for the following term at a price that is again lower than your market price, ensuring ongoing savings

Options to purchase


Dealing with changes in your business

Moving? Take the system with you. We are happy to remove and reinstall the system at your new premises. This would involve entering into a new agreement and may incur some costs.

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New tenants

The incoming tenant may want to keep the system and buy their power from Utilise

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Landlords can purchase too

We can offer the system for sale to you or your landlord at a depreciated value. Often building owners appreciate the extra revenue off their roof.

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Wanting more information about how it can work for you? Let's get to know each other



Our business customers enjoy prices which are less than mains power. Our dedicated sales people get to know you and your business to determine the best solar option for you.

Here are some of the factors we include to calculate your pricing:


The location of your business.


Your connection type.


Your roof space available.

Whether your business has one or multiple locations, we can price it all and present it to you in one simple proposal and an easy to read bill.